Book Outline
Caribbean Trailblazers: St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Volume 2

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Dedication                                                                             3

Contributors                                                                           6

Preface                                                                                   7

1.    Roy L. Austin by John Horne                                               9

2.    Eileen “Betty” King by Rudolph Baynes, Jr.                       33

3.    Kerston M. Coombs by Baldwin King                                 39

4.    Hubert E. A. Daisley by George E. Daisley                         47

5.    L. Jeanette “Jean” Duncan by Hayden Duncan                    53

6.    Edward G. Griffith by Kenneth John                                    67

7.    Ellsworth McG. “Shake” Keane by Philip Nanton               73

8.    Errol G. King by Roy Austin                                                 87

9.    Christian I. “Cims” Martin by Roy Austin                            99

10.   George A. McIntosh by Kenneth John                                 125

11.   Kerwyn L. Morris by Kenneth John                                     137

12.   Nora E. Peacocke by Nan Peacocke                                     143

13.   Patrick E. Prescod by Fred Prescod                                      161

14.   Alphonso Roberts by Kenneth John                                     175

15.   Nelcia Robinson by Carleen Marshall                                  181

16.   Randolph B. Russell by Gwendoline Russell                       191

17.   George Owen Walker by Yvonne Walker Andrew              201

18.   Daniel Williams by Kenneth John                                         211


  Caribbean Trailblazers: St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Volume 2  profiles eighteen remarkable individuals (fourteen men and four women) who, by dint of intellect, hard work and perseverance, have succeeded in moving the beautiful island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) a little further along, either directly or indirectly. Included are the biographies of five politicians, two diplomats, a medical doctor, an engineer, two poets, two journalists, two civil servants, a teacher, a feminist and a political scientist/sportsman. All were born in SVG although some have made their contribution abroad.
   As in the earlier volume, we have tried, as far as possible, to chronicle the history of SVG through the stories of the people mentioned herein. We hope this volume would be read, especially by the young people of SVG, because it is so important for young people to know about the contribution of these men and women on whose backs the nation was built.


                                                      St. Vincent and the Grenadines
                                                       ISBN: 0-9778981-8-0