Book Outline
Caribbean Trailblazers: St. Vincent and the Grenadines,
Volume I

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                               VOLUME I      
Preface . v

1.Joseph Chatoyer by Adrian Fraser  1   
2.Edgar Julian Duncan by Baldwin King . 11
3.Joseph Lambert Eustace by Ann Eustace 23 
4.John Parmenas Eustace by Vin Samuel 33
5.Cyprian Bernard "Ches" Gibbs by Peggy Antrobus 39
6.Fitz Allen John by Catherine John .55
7.Nesta Lucy "Clarie" Paynter by Anne Samuel and
         Joan Samuel Simien .69
8.Phyllis Joyce McClean Child Punnett
         by Andrea Punnett Boos 77
9.Alban Radix by Hazeldene Phills Hercules and
         Cheryl Phills King .. 91
10.Thomas Mowbray Saunders by Adrian Saunders .105
11.Franklyn Ellison Seales by  Jean M. Dorsinville 115
12.Shirley Richards Abbott Squire by Elizabeth Punnett .131
13.George Calvin Hamilton Thomas
           by Monica Thomas Woodley. 139
14.Henry Harvey Williams by Sir Fred Phillips  149
15.Earl "Old George" Daniel by Bertram John . 157


  Caribbean Trailblazers: St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Vol, I and II chronicles the lives of fifteen remarkable individuals (twelve men and three women) who have made substantial contributions either directly to St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) or the diaspora. We have broadened the scope to include persons who were not born in SVG but who lived and worked in SVG and made a substantial contribution to its development. We have also included persons who are still alive because we feel strongly that such persons should be thanked and honored in time for them to enjoy such recognition. We are confident the reader will find these lives fascinating and inspiring.

    It is so important for young people to know about the contribution of these men and women who represented the first generation of West Indians to lay the foundations for the modern institutions that are critical for nationhood - Dr. Peggy Antrobus


Published by KINGS-SVG
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
ISBN: 0-9778981-5-6