Book Outline
The Rise and Fall of the Black Caribs
By I.E. Kirby and C.I. Martin

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... it is hoped that this booklet will help to make clear the link between the Black Caribs of St. Vincent and the Garifuna of Belize and also assure the Garifuna that we in St. Vincent have not forgotten them and have at least striven to tell the story of their ancestors with some degree of empathy.
                                                          The Authors



I. Earle Kirby graduated from Canada's Ontario Agricultural College, now Guelph University, as a Doctor of Veterinary Mdeicine. He subsequently studied Archaeology and has represented St. Vincent at Native American conferences.

C.I. Martin holds degrees in Economics and is a qualified Accountant. He has been a Civil Servant both in St. Vincent
and with the United Nations. He has also taught at the University of Bradford and is currently Fiscal Adviser to the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.