Book Outline
Ruler in Hiroona
By G. C. H. Thomas

This page was last updated on: January 11, 2011
"Ruler in Hiroona, written by Vincentian George Thomas, may be the finest and funniest political and historical novel ever written about the West Indies. Having purchased the newly republished edition, I enjoyed it even more; it is timeless literature; and its message is as relevant today as ever."     
Bob Berlinghof, published in Caribbean Compass, November 2003.

"The author, the late G.C.H. Thomas, brings to this infectious tale of Caribbean life his disarming sense of humour; his inimitable writing style, and a bold analysis of the Caribbean political leadership of the 1950's  the period when the region's territories shook off the shackles of colonialism and endeavoured to determine their own destinies.

Set in the 1950s, Ruler in Hiroona tells the story of Jerry Mole, an educated but lazy and unmotivated free-wheeler, and his alter ego Joe Pittance, an uneducated but street-smart stevedore. Both men are committed, in their own ways to the self-determination of their country. Led by Pittance's vision of a locally-governed Hiroona, they start a Trade Union which gives them their first foothold in politics

So Ruler in Hiroona remains as timely and relevant as when it was first published. A benchmark for the 21st Century, its pages contain valuable lessons for young and old; for students, for leaders and the led. Moreover, Ruler in Hiroona is a delightful novel  worth reading for sheer enjoyment".
From the Preface by Monica Thomas Woodley, February 2002