Book Outline
Timescape and Other Caribbean Poems

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  Timescape and Other Caribbean Poems was written by two Caribbean poets. Lance Bannister hails from Barbados and Marcia Harold Hinds hails originally from St. Vincent and the Grenadines but has lived and worked in Barbados for many years. Even though their styles are different, the two   poets complement each other beautifully. The reader is bound to find something here of interest and pleasure.
Lance Bannister was born in Barbados and received his secondary education at Harrison College, Barbados. After obtaining his degree in Classics from the University of Durham, England, he taught at Harrison College, Combermere School and Parry School for a number of years. He then entered the University of the West Indies to read for a degree in Medicine and was one of the first students of the university. After a clerkship at the Kingston Public and Jubilee Hospitals in Jamaica, he returned to Barbados as a Parochial Medical Officer and also set up a private medical practice. His hobbies include metal sculpture specializing in old car parts and found material. He has published, with the aid of Eva Best, a volume entitled "Moonlight Songs of Barbados".

Marcia Harold Hinds was born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. She attended the Kingstown Preparatory School and the Girls' High School.  She gained a B.A. (Hons.) in Geography from the University of Waterloo, Canada and has a Masters Degree in Education from Michigan State University. She has been interested in writing from her earliest years and has two books in print:  "Saga of Hairoun" (an epic poem celebrating the history of the Caribs of St. Vincent and the Grenadines) and "Lovescape: Roses and Thorns".  She has also written and produced a choral work titled "Cyprian Rejoice" that celebrated the 100th anniversary of St. Cyprian's Church, Barbados.

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Box 2713, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
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                                               PART A  TIMESCAPE    7

1. Sculptor Time ..9
2. Bus Driver Time .   10
3. Refine Time .11
4. Shopkeeper Time    12
5. Bogeyman Time 14
6. Schoolmaster Time .  15
7. Old Bridge-Player Time ..16
8. Bird On the Wing Time  19
9. Clocks ...20
10. Timescape  22
11. Evening Garden ..23


12. Philosophy ...27
13. Kamau ...30
14. The Dump .33
15. T.V.Holic 34
16. Identity Crisis .35
17. Perverse Generation 36
18. Equus                               37
19. The Tree ..39
20. Village .40
21. Banjoman .41
22. Barbados Day 43
23. Baxter Road Awakes 47
24. Baxter Road 48
25. Baxter Road 2  49
26. Baxter's Road A La Carte  50
27. Cries of the Marketplace 51
28. Rufus the Cock 52
29. Circe 54
30. Cole's Cave 55
31. Bush Doctors  56
32. Saturday Night 57
33. Brittons Hill Cave-In 58
34. Moonlight and Morning        59
35. Speightstown 1 60
36. Speightstown 2 ..61


37.       Evening Themes   65
38.       I Write not Bitter, Biting Ryhme 67
39.       Dew at Dawn ..68
40.Bush Fire .69 
41.Idle   71
42.The Walk .72
43.On Looking at a Coral Reef  .74
44.The Actor's Lament .75
45.Cup of Bitterness 76
46.Five Frigate Firms 77
47.The Moon 78
48.Where I Stood ..79
49. The Old Maids and the Bachelor Buttons     80
50.Lamentations 81
51.Manhattan Lullaby .83
52.Innocence ..84
53.Look at Me Boy-Chlie 85
54.The Descendants 86
55.The West .87  
56.The Slum 88
57.Exit .89
58.The Empty Church ...90
59.If I Were .91
60.Hairoun, Hairoun 92
61.On Looking into a Pair of Hazel Eyes 93
62.To Night 94
63.The Mug 95
64.Last Day, 1980 .97
65.Untitled ...99
66.Bird of the High Sky 100
67.Drought 102
68.Hairoun Under Sudden Flood ...104
69.Hairoun  Genesis .105
70.A Woman of Malicious Wit 106
71.Cricket 107
72.Caught Between Two Titans .108
73.Ask ..110